Who We Are

We are creators, designers, social media monsters, photographers, digital artists and producers. We feed on Curiosity.  “We work hard to understand your brand, your goals and values to create a high performing digital strategy that is tailored to you. We bring Transformation, Innovation and Passion together (TIP) in everything we do. We know that being original requires taking risks and constant experiment.

Let’s be Frank: There’s NO MAGIC

Social Media emerged and has had exponential growth and presence in society over the last 20 years. Social Media platforms, technologies and devices continue to evolve and with this comes a challenge to maintain expertise. This is why we pride ourselves on our track record  to search for and deliver exciting, innovative and disruptive solutions in this ever-changing landscape.


Understanding Each Platform 

Each social media channel has its own rules of engagement, algorithms and communication methods. Even great content cannot survive without the approval of the platform.. That is why “Getting to Know The Media” is as important as getting to know the audience and the brand.

We leverage all available functionality in each platform to increase visibility of your brand and to boost engagement with your audience.  

Inspiration and a New Perspective

We spend a lot of time to understand the new trends and fads happening around the world so you don’t have to. Brands with strong foresight will change and adopt to these trends and gain competitive advantage in the market.. We manage your accounts, find and create content that is interesting for your followers, encourage them to engage with your brand and share the experience we create with their close circle and followers. It is one of the greatest pleasures for us to hear that the brands we manage are increasing in popularity and becoming leaders in their industry.

How Does It Work?

Short and clear brief. Creative strategies where you feel well understood. Exciting written and visual applications.

Data, efficiency and creativity are the rules of this business.

What Can We Do?


  • Digital Engagement Strategy

  • Creative and Inspiring Social Media Management

  • Production (Photography and Video)

  • Digital Event Management

  • Connect with your Audience and Drive Sales

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Web Design